Alfonso Cartes
Alfonso Cartes

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Remix Jokes with a decoupled Node.js API

What's this project about?

You can take a look at the blog post for more details.

Monorepo and Multirepo

I made two projects. One is a monorepo and the other is a multirepo.

Monorepo project

  • The monorepo project shares Prisma generated Typescript types because it shares the Prisma Client dependency in the root node_modules folder.

  • TODO: GitHub Actions for remix-jokes-backend have not been tested since it's now a monorepo.

Multirepo project

  • TODO: Because this is not a monorepo, we cannot generate the types for Prisma in the common root node_modules folder that includes @prisma/client. The current solution is to use the remix-jokes-frontend/app/prisma.d.ts file that contains a copy of the generated types but we hace to do this manually. There are multiple solutions for this that include things such as: npm package, git submodule, symlinks, and many more.

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