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Alfonso Cartes

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Nomad Accommodations

Nomad Accommodations

What's this project about?

A list of proven places added by nomads for nomads.

Nomad accommodations is a database of places added by nomads so that other nomads can quickly find places that are suited for nomads: quiet, comfortable workspaces, good wifi, air conditioning...

The goal of this website is to save you time from checking multiple accommodation booking websites tailored to tourists, reading so many reviews and inspecting each photo.


Nomad Accommodations is a full-stack application made with Remix and TailwindCSS. with an SQLite database and Prisma. Deployed using GitHub Actions in

The main feature is a fully server-side and client-side validated form using HTML elements and TailwindCSS. There are also some custom elements.


The website is Progressively Enhanced. It works without any JavaScript for speed and reliability, but if the user has JavaScript enabled, it will make use of React for a better UX.

UI design supports for responsive and dark mode with TailwindCSS.


The form then gets submitted and validated on the server. If everything is correct it will create a new submission in the SQLite database using Prisma.

There are also routes for Updating, Reading and Deleting submissions through an admin panel only accessible to the admin.


The project is deployed to either to a staging or a production environment using GitHub Actions after a series of checks and tests.


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